Your next real estate project in Tulum

Mirador Tulum presents a macro-lot and single-family lots from $2.8 million pesos concept within a private area immersed in nature that combines in perfect harmony with a unique view of the archaeological zone of Tulum and the life surrounded by amenities.


Develop your next real estate project in Tulum

Tulum Viewpoint is a unique space to invest in land and develop your projects, located in one area with the highest added value in Mexico.

A few minutes from the most visited archaeological zone in Quintana Roo, wonderful Caribbean beaches, and a city that has increased exponentially since its founding in 2008.


See further

You have to see what others have decided not to see out of fear, conformity, or indifference. You have to see a new world every day because we will better understand what our eyes thought we saw by looking out of the ordinary.

You have to see further.


Look inside

Its natural environment is enhanced by modern rustic architecture that houses different amenities, among which a majestic viewpoint and a great palapa club.

A project that is undoubtedly in charge of preserving the essence of a mystical place.


Keeping the spirit of Tulum, the development will have bike paths to move without using the car.


An area that allows you to sunbathe, the basis of your vital energy that will allow you to illuminate your day from the inside.


Contemplate the most beautiful constellations from the view.

Terrace Bar

Spend the best moments and enjoy delicious drinks with your guests.


A unique pool format with which you will never want to get out of the water.

Walking trails

A space for relaxation and enjoyment to reconnect with the nature that surrounds Tulum.

Green areas

Areas to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the mystical landscapes of Tulum.

Palapa / meditation

A space to reconnect with yourself surrounded by vegetation and the magical sounds of Tulum.

Big pool

Its large format will make you enjoy incredible moments in the water.

Jungle gym

An area to exercise surrounded by nature in the best biosphere.

Paddle court

Enjoy this play area for your paddle games.

Acquire a macro lot from 1,500 m²

395 USD per m²

Please take advantage of our exchange rate capped at $19.50 pesos per dollar

Your investment and development opportunity in Tulum

* Consult bases with one of our advisors. Changes without prior notice.